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  Tennant Carpet Extractors

  Find the carpet cleaning solution for your rooms with Tennant's carpet extractors. Deep clean stains and
  odors in carpeting with Tennant's heavy duty, deep cleaning carpet extractors and remove surface stains
  and odors with interim carpet extractors. Tennant's full line of carpet cleaning quipment gives you a variety
  of options and maximum flexibility to clean in large or small spaces. Our commercial carpet extractor designs include riders, pull back, and forward push designs.



Dual Technology Extractor



  • Dual counter-rotating rollers / brushes clean more completely by lifting the carpet pile
  • Extraction vacuum lift powerfully moves dirt and debris to the recovery tank, leaving less behind on your floor
  • 22 in / 56 cm cleaning path to cover more floor area and clean more quickly
  • ReadySpace┬« Rapid-drying Carpet Cleaning Technology provides fresh, clean carpets in minutes to reduce room and carpet area shutdown times
  • Increase productivity with 21 gal / 72 L solution and recovery tanks for fewer fills / empties during cleaning
  • Optional accessories available
  • 1610



    Interim Extractor



  • Clean and dry in under 30 minutes ReadySpace┬«
  • Convenient forward and reverse cleaning
  • Clean in congested and hard-to-reach areas with the R3 extractor's compact size and optional tools
  • 69 dBA sound level for quiet cleaning in
  • noise-sensitive environments
  • Lift-off Hygenic® tanks with compact design and ergonomic handles ensure easy pick up and emptying
  • Insta-Adjust™ handle that adjusts to each operator and folds down for convenient storage
  • ReadySpace® Rapid-drying Carpet Cleaning Technology provides fresh, clean carpets in minutes to reduce room and carpet area shutdown times
  • r3



    Deep Cleaning Extractor



  • Clean in congested and hard-to-reach areas with the E5 Deep Cleaning Carpet Extractor's compact design
  • Reduce operator fatigue with low-effort pull-back operation and Insta-Adjust™ ergonomic handle
  • Maximize cleaning performance across the entire cleaning path with dual overlapping spray jets and exceptional vacuum suction
  • 69 dBA sound level for quiet cleaning in noise-sensitive environments
  • Double-tuft, float-adjust brush designed to adjust to different carpet pile depths - no manual adjustment needed
  • Hygenic® tank is fully-cleanable to help you reduce scrubber tank mold, bacteria, and odors
  • e5



    Deep Cleaning Carpet Extractor



  • Dual spray nozzles and stiff brushes for outstanding cleaning performance on your carpets
  • Lightweight, durable construction and low center-of-gravity bladder system makes for easy and convenient mobility
  • Brush meter allows the operator to adjust to the optimal brush height for your carpets
  • Increase operator comfort with an ergonomic handle and trigger solution control
  • 10 gal. solution tank, 14.5 gal. recovery tank
  • 1.8 hp vac motor
  • 50' power cord
  • Optional accessories available
  • exsc1020



    Heated Canister Extractor



  • Large capacity 15 gal. tank increases productivity by lengthening the time between empty & refill cycles
  • Long 15' hoses enables the operator to clean more carpet without moving the machine and in areas that are hard to reach maximizing
  • cleaning productivity.
  • Easy access fill port reduces spills during the fill-up process and keeps operators in an ergonomic position when filling
  • Powerful 3-stage vacuum motor maximizes water recovery allowing carpets to dry quicker
  • 15 gal. solution tank, 13.5 gal recovery tank
  • 40' power cord
  • eh1


      NSS Carpet Extractors

      NSS extractors keep your carpets looking their best. There is a machine to
      meet every carpet cleaning need, each constructed for maximum
      performance, durability, and long life.


    Rally 220

    Hot and Cold Tank Extractor



  • 12-gal solution tank
  • 12-gal recovery tank
  • Deep cleans with a 200 PSI pump and dual 1.25 HP vacuum motors
  • Rugged rotocast polyethylene body
  • Two 4-inch front casters and two 10-inch rear wheels for excellent maneuverability
  • Available HydroGlide carpet tool
  • cxc200


    Rally 55H Spotter

    Portable Hot and Cold Water Spotter



  • 2.9-gal solution tank
  • 2.6-gal recovery tank
  • Deep cleans with a 55 PSI positive displacement pump
  • Transport handle slides out of the way when using the machine
  • Rugged rotomolded polyethylene body
  • spotter

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