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  • Remove oils without emptying your bilges and sumps, no matter how deep they are, with Oil-Only Booms.
  • Use Sock/Net Booms to Absorb Oil.
  • Strong mesh outer sleeve encases a poly sock skin filled with highly-sorbent polypropylene.
  • Filler won’t shed and Booms won’t sink, even when saturated with oil.
  • Absorbs Oily Liquids — Repels Water.
  • Polypropylene filler is left in its natural hydrophobic state — repels water (and floats) while only absorbing oils and other hydrocarbons.
  • Easy Deployment, Easy Retrieval. Simply clip a rope or chain to the carabiner to raise and lower Boom into bilges and sumps, regardless of depth.
  • Clip also lets you fasten Boom to anchor ring inside bilge.
  • Shorter length is ideal for tight spaces.
  • Tough Construction
  • Sturdy hardware and design ensure long-lasting durability.