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Our bags come in two resin types:

Linear Low Density (LLD)

  • Recommended for sharp or rough objects.  Offer great stretch and tear resistance.
  • Applications: Yard clean up, glass, objects with rough edges, plastic eating utensils, food scraps with sharp edges.

High Density (HD)

  • Recommended for heavy, non sharp objects. Offer significant material and cost savings.
  • Applications: Paper plates, cups, paper, office waste. Heavy objects with non-sharp edges.

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33×39 33 Gal. Black, 33×40 33 Gal. Black, 36×58 55 Gal., 36×60 55-Gal., 38×58 55 Gal. Black, 38×60 60 Gal. Black, 40×46 40-45 Gal. Black, 40×47 40-45 Gal., 40×48 40-45 Gal. Black, 42x32x60 90 Gal. Black, 43×47 56 Gal. Black, 43×48 Glutton Black, 43×48 Glutton Natural, 43×60 65 Gal. Black, 46×50 60 Gal. Black, 48×60 64 Gal. Black, 48×60 64 Gal. Clear (Star Sealed), 55×60 60 Gal. Black


I70S334022K, I70S386017K, I70S386022K, I70S404822K, I70S434822K, I70S434822N, N60PGB4360XXH, N60PGB4661, N60RPGB4081, N60RPGB4641, N60RPGB4681, N60RPGB4761, N60RPGB4781, N60RPGB6161, N60RPGB6181, N60RSB4232602B, N60RSB48602B, N60RT3858XXH, N60SP48602RCL, N60SPR55601.75K, N60T3339XXH, N60T4047XXH, N60T4347XXH