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  • Moly Universal Gear Lube is a multipurpose thermally stable and thermally durable gear lubricant that is recommended for use in all types of enclosed industrial and automotive gear drives where extreme pressure characteristics are needed.
  • Moly Universal Gear Lube is blended from the finest grade high quality severely solvent refined, severely hydro-finished high viscosity index 100% pure paraffin base oils available.
  • Blended into these 100% pure paraffin base oils is a highly specialized non-corrosive thermally stable and thermally durable multifunctional extreme pressure additive package that provides the Moly Universal Gear Lube with the following performance advantages:
    • •Enhanced thermal and oxidative stability and durability to handle operating temperatures of 300- 350°F. Excellent extreme pressure properties to protect the gears and bearings from excessive wear and fatigue. •Prevention of sludge and carbon deposits that can erode seals.
    • •Excellent seal compatibility. •Enhanced protection of copper, brass and bronze components from corrosion. •Non-corrosive to brass, bronze and other non-ferrous metal parts.
    • •Excellent protection of components from rust and corrosion in dry conditions and in the presence of moisture. •Excellent resistance to water and moisture.
    • •Excellent water separability characteristics.
    • •Enhanced gear, bearing and seal cleanliness.
    • •Excellent resistance to foaming.
  • Packed in 120# drum and 40# pail.

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120#, 40#