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  • FILMOP #5233U
  • Dark grey plastic mop head holder 30 cm with grip and velcro strips 2,5 cm.
  • This frame is used with the specific Rapido microfibre mop heads for the cleaning of tables in refectories, cafeterias, bars, restaurants, kitchens, schools (advised for the blackboards cleaning) etc. and with the Brilliant system for the cleaning of vertical smooth surfaces like interior windows, mirrors, stainless steel surfaces, laquered surfaces, painted doors, etc…
  • The larger strips (2,5 cm) guarantees a better adherence of the mop head to the frame for a better cleaning of the dirty surfaces.
    • Features:
      Replaceable ABS velcro strips
      Sharpened borders in order to make easier the removing of possible dirt from the surfaces
      It is light and handy with an ergonomic hand grip and it has been studied to guarantee the highest ergonomy during the cleaning operations
      Larger strips for a better adherence of the mop head